ZZSX Series Electron Beam Optical Coater

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      ZZSX alternation Electron axle Optical Coater To accoutrement multi-film, analyze film, assimilation film, chiral film, ophthalmic coating, bittersweet blur etc. The burnout adjustment can acquire diminutive pump, dry pump and any added pump according to adapted requirements. The anteroom aswell can accrue Polycold device. We consistently use exhausted elements such as Hau Ion antecedent and RF bombanding etc. in equipments. ParameterModelZZSX-500ZZSX-700ZZSX-800ZZSX-1100ZZSX-1200ZZSX-1350Size(W×D×H) mm500×500×680700×700×860800×800×8601100x1100x12001200x12001350x1240Ultimate pressure(Pa)≤5×10-4PaPumping speed(min)From 1×105Pa to 2×10-3Pa≤20minEvaporator sourceE-Gun: 6KV, 10KVQty (set)11 or 21 or 2Power (kw)6610Cubage of Crucible(ml)4x20(or 110ml annular crucible)4x20(or 120ml annular crucible)Resistance evaporator5V, 10VPowder (kw)2.55Cooling electrode (pair)2 alternating evaporizingSubstrate Holder (mm)arch4604 pcs arch6504pcs740 (arch)/450x3(planet)4 pcs arch1100/770x3(planet)4pcs arch10004pcs arch1240Bombarding power(kw)4.5913.5Bombarding voltage(v)DC 3400Baking Max.Temp.350Baking Max. Power11.5Vacuum systemK-400 apportionment pumpKT-500 apportionment pumpK-600 apportionment pumpKT-600 apportionment pumpK-800 apportionment pumpOptical blur array controlTibre-optics/Reflection, chiral authoritative 380-1100nmWater coolingWater pressure: 2.5x10-5Pa, accept temperature<25Compressed air(5~8)x105Total power222535465254Outline size(WxDxH)2600x2500x19002800x2700x21003200x3200x24003500x3600x26003800x3600x26004000x4000x2800

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